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Survey for Gig Workers and Gig Worker Employers
Performing Arts & Film Technical Workers

The Gig Worker economy was deeply affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic when live performances came to a sudden halt. The temporary cessation of public gatherings affected live venues and artists, festivals, stage and set construction personnel, sound and lighting technicians and many others.

It’s come to our attention that since the reopening of society, many of the technical personnel that were active in the community seem to have departed from the industry altogether. To understand the current labour market and its shortcomings, we need your help! If you’re a technical professional in the film or performing arts industry or an employer of technical professionals, please fill in this survey so we can best provide recommendations for action.

Please complete the survey by March 6th!

If you are a Technical Gig Worker, please start the survey here.

If you EMPLOY Technical Gig Workers, please click here.

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