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Rural Mentorship Program


Individuals or a small group of mentees age 16-29 living in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg choose a mentor who is a professional in an arts career to work together for this 5 month program, in any chosen artistic discipline. It is customized to the individuals taking part, and can begin any time between September – January.  It aims to expose an individual or group of individuals living outside of Winnipeg to artists in their communities, and connect them to artistic work in their chosen discipline.

The mentee(s) must reside in rural Manitoba and priority will be given to mentors who reside in a rural community.

Mentors, mentees or organizations working in Rural Manitoba may reach out to Dora Carroll, program manager, at any time for assistance in putting together an application

Previous program participants: 2021/2022, 2020/21

Program Commitments:

Click here to download the 2023/24 full program commitment details (mentees and mentors)

  • A mentor may work with 1 to 5 mentees (simultaneously) 
  • Minimum of 5 hours/month direct 1:1 contact with mentee(s) & mentor (25 hours total, minimum)
    *exceptions to this specific time-frame can be considered, reach out to program director
  • The mentee(s), under their mentor’s facilitation, commit an additional 5 hours per month related independent work and connecting / development opportunities (25 hours total, minimum)
  • Respond promptly to google form progress reports (2 during program plus evaluation upon completion)
  • Programs are custom designed to each mentor/mentee group, custom mentorship plan to be filled out by mentor and mentee(s) in the first month of the program


  • Mentors will receive an honorarium of $1,500 (paid in 3 instalments)
  • Mentee and Mentor will receive free annual Creative Manitoba membership
  • If an organization assists in setting up / application process or acting as liaison to find mentor/mentee pairings in their community for the program, they will receive a $200 fee
  • If mentee or mentor set up the program on their own, they can claim reimbursement for related supplies/ travel up to $200

To apply:

You will submit one application on behalf of your proposed mentor/mentee(s) team. Application can be submitted by the mentor, mentee or Arts Organization on their behalf.
**Please note you will need completed PDF forms from mentor and mentee(s) to attach to the application in order to submit.

  1. Read the full Program Commitments document
  2. Have Mentor & Mentee(s) fill in application form, saved and sent back to person applying (PDF only)
  3. Click APPLY NOW below (available after August 25, 2023, until program is full for the year)

    *If you are a rural residing mentee that needs assistance finding a mentor in your community/artistic discipline reach out to the program manager –

    **If you are a rural residing mentor interested in being considered for a pairing, email program manager expressing specific interest with an attached resume/CV –

    All applications will be sent to and reviewed by a jury upon receipt. Result of application success for this program year will be sent to the interested parties no later than 4 weeks after application has been received.
    The jury will be considering the merit of the application, along with factoring in diversity and representation for the program geographically, in discipline, and in artist backgrounds.

Application Forms:

The applicant submitting the application on behalf of the team will need to acquire completed application forms from the mentor and all mentees to attach (PDF only) to the application.

Creative Manitoba pledges to prioritize opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds and from equity-seeking communities, making best efforts to hold 50% of program space for participants identifying as BIPOC or from equity-seeking groups.

Mentorship Spotlights From Previous Rural Mentorship Programs

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