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Ozhitoon jii Miigiweng provides Indigenous and non-Indigenous emerging artists, professional artists and educators of all cultural backgrounds an inclusive opportunity to learn how to respectfully incorporate Indigenous perspectives and protocols into their art and education practices.

Led by Indigenous Knowledge keepers and Indigenous Artists, this art and educational gathering allows participants to learn about the Indigenous historical legacy of Canada using Land-Based Experiential hands-on teaching. All educators, students and art enthusiasts who would like to acquire

Indigenous knowledge within their own expertise, or artistic medium, are welcome.

Participants will learn:

  • Indigenous Perspectives and protocols
  • Collaboration strategies that promote reconciliation
  • Pedagogy of the land                       
  • Incorporating land based knowledge into their work
  • How to decolonize education and art based practices


Previous Workshops

FULL – Ozhitoon jii Miigiweng (to create and to share)

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Date: 15/06/2019

Ozhitoon Jii-Miigiweng (to create and to share)

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Date: 22/02/2018

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