Merging Mindsets
Fusing our creative and interactive digital media communities

In cities around the world, the creative arts and interactive digital media sectors are bringing their respective skills together to imagine and create exciting new events, art and products – merging digital technologies with artistic practice. In Manitoba, we’re ready to showcase what our vibrant arts community and interactive digital media sector can do together.

Merging Mindsets will expand opportunities for artists to create using digital technologies while broadening connections with interactive digital media (IDM) related companies that want to innovate using creative talent. Join us as we embark on an exciting series of community-building events exploring the digital tech in art and the art in digital tech while connecting the people in between.

Over the upcoming months, we will be presenting a number of engaging arts and IDM panels, an “Instructables” demo day in the Exchange District and a two-day arts and IDM conference.


Merging Mindsets Conference
March 13 & 14, 2020, Manitoba Museum

Winnipeg’s first conference dedicated to exploring the intersection of Art and Digital technology; the experiences, opportunities, challenges and achievements.


Previous Panels

3D Printing: Materials, Uses, and Challenges
Saturday, November 30, 2-4pm
The Output, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2nd Floor– 100 Arthur St.

3D printing is revolutionizing how we construct and create. Originally invented to assist designers in rapid-prototyping it has become more accessible and available allowing artists to unleash their creativity in new ways. Join local makers and artists to learn about techniques, software, and challenges with the medium. How can I integrate 3D printing into my artistic practice? Where do I start? What resources are available locally? They will answer all of these questions – and more!

Watch the full video ONLINE on our youtube page.


State of VR
Saturday, December 7, 2-4pm
The Output, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2nd Floor– 100 Arthur St.

VR, AR, XR? What’s the difference? How are artists and tech professionals using these technologies to creatively push film, video, animation, dance and performance in new directions?  Join us to learn from four people deeply involved in experimenting with this new canvas. Get to know about resources and techniques. Ask questions and find out how to get started.


Digital Sound Art
Wednesday, December 11, 7-9pm
The Output, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2nd Floor– 100 Arthur St.

With an ever-expanding array of accessible and user-friendly technology music, sound art and sound production have drastically changed over the last ten years. Tools and techniques for VR, theatre and performance have transformed the way sound artists think about sound creation. In this panel, local and visiting artists will discuss a variety of techniques and topics including generative practices, new forms of modulation, ambisonics, visual programming, as well as, mixing traditional practice with new forms.

Whether you’re new to audio art or a seasoned veteran looking add new experimentation to your practice, this panel will get you interested in exploring the vast landscape of Digital Sound Art.


Art Collections
Wednesday, January 8, 7-9pm
Creative Manitoba, 245 McDermot Avenue

Whether a collection of art is historical or contemporary, questions always persist. How do we preserve it for the future? How do we share it? How do we convey its significance.? In this panel local and national experts will discuss the digital strategies used to manage and share our cultural treasures highlighting the tools, processes, and ethics involved.


Digital Collaboration
Wednesday, January 15, 12-1pm
Creative Manitoba, 245 McDermot Avenue

Today’s working world is undergoing constant change, as digital platforms transform how we work. Managing co-workers and collaborators has become an essential skill to master in the digital age. Keeping pace with developments can be overwhelming and intimidating, but we now have an unrivalled opportunity to work with partners from anywhere in the world. Join us as we explore the tools and techniques to become more organized and collaborate more effectively.


Projection Mapping and Large Scale Projection Projects
Saturday, January 18, 2-4pm
The Output, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2nd Floor– 100 Arthur St.

Through video, animation, or graphics, Projection Mapping uses projections to transform static objects into captivating experiences. Previously challenging and time-consuming, technology advancements have made this engaging art form more accessible and dynamic allowing a boarder range of artists to experiment with the medium. Join us to be inspired by three artists and designers actively working with projection mapping and large scale projection as they discuss their projects, processes, and techniques. This panel is designed to inspire and is not a technical workshop.


Wearable Tech
Friday, February 7, 6-8pm
Creative Manitoba, 245 McDermot Avenue

If you’ve ever been to Nuit Blanche, a Cosplay event, or night club – then you’ve probably seen someone lit up in lights. These DIY wearable creators use electronics, LEDs, mini controllers – and more – to enhance what they wear. Come and learn what the pros do, how to get started, where to find supplies and where to go once you have made your own DIY wearable. This panel is designed to inspire and is not a hands-on workshop.


Principles and Tools of Interactivity
Wednesday, February 12, 7-9pm
The Output, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, 2nd Floor– 100 Arthur St.

For artwork or instillations to be interactive artists and designers need to consider a multitude of factors, from the technology needed to human behaviour. A willingness to engage can be different for everyone and usability can be a challenge. Technology can expand new avenues to bring your concept to life but it can also be temperamental. Join us to learn about sensors, software and considerations for incorporating interactivity into your artwork. This panel is designed to inspire and inform but will not be a hands-on workshop.


Social Media and Mental Health
Friday, March 6, 6-8pm
Creative Manitoba, 245 McDermot Avenue

Social Media platforms can be an integral part of building a creative brand and online community. In today’s society, these apps are one of the first go-to’s for potential clients to instantly understand and connect with your brand. Apps like Instagram and Facebook can require countless hours of your attention – creating content, editing, responding to comments and messages, interacting with others in the community and more. But what is this constant connection to media, messages, and information doing to our mental health? This presentation will discuss how to recognize when social media use is becoming a detriment to one’s mental health. In addition, we will talk about how to set up boundaries to engage in a healthy, moderated way, while still connecting with your audience and share resources available for those who are struggling to maintain balance.


Merging Mindsets is an initiative of Creative Manitoba with partners, New Media Manitoba and Video Pool Media Arts Centre; and is funded with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategy Fund.

Together we will expand the relationships between our creative arts and digital tech communities to foster new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.