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Professional Mentorship Program

Are you ready to take the next step in your artistic career? Our One-on-One Professional Mentorship Program is designed for aspiring professionals aged 19-29 who are eager to grow in their chosen creative field, no matter the discipline. This is your opportunity to forge a transformative relationship with a mentor handpicked by you to help you achieve your dreams.

Following the mentee’s lead together you and your mentor will co-create a flexible plan that fits your goals and interests, working from your program proposal with the assistance of the program manager.

Program Opportunities:

  • Collaborative Project Work: Engage with your mentor in meaningful projects that align with your career aspirations.
  • Career Goal Setting: Define and work towards professional milestones with your mentor’s guidance.
  • Skill Development: Acquire and refine specific skills relevant to your artistry and career.
  • Career Decision Support: Get advice and insights to make informed career choices.
  • Shadowing Opportunities: Experience the day-to-day workings of your mentor’s professional life.
  • Industry Connections: Connect with industry professionals and expand your professional circle.
  • Professional Development: Access free workshops with Creative Manitoba and prioritize your development with your mentor’s guidance.

Shaping your own program, you can explore the aspects of your field that most excite you. Whether it’s focusing on a particular project, developing specific skills, or making key industry connections – your path is in your hands. Mentorship isn’t just about learning; it’s about becoming an independent professional, gaining hands-on experience and building a relationship with someone you can rely on! 

Participate in cross-disciplinary connection events: the kick off orientation night, mentee connect nights, Creative Entrepreneurship day and final celebration evening. You’ll start strong with an initial setup session with the Program Manager to establish your mentorship plan, and receive personalized support with a one-on-one mid program check in with the Program Director.

  • Mentee Age: 19-29
  • Location: Winnipeg residents only
  • Disciplines: Open to all artistic disciplines
  • Mentor Selection: Mentees must find the mentor they want to work with and build your proposal together.
    • If you don’t have a mentor, our Program Manager can provide suggestions and help you connect with potential mentors (
    • If you are a mentor without a specific mentee and would like to be considered for a match, email the program manager at with a  CV/resume and expression of interest.
  • Membership: Mentee applicants must be a Creative Manitoba Member

Download the 2024/25 Full Program Dates & Commitment Details

Program Dates

Program runs October 18, 2024 – May 8, 2025

August 16Application Deadline
October 18Program Kickoff & Orientation
October 22-31Initial program set-up with mentorship pair and program manager (In-Person or online)
November 21, February 5 & April 8, 6-8pmMentee Connect Nights
JanuaryCheck-in with program manager (In-Person or Online)
MarchCreative Entrepreneurship PD Day (tbc)
May 8Program Ends, Celebration & Share night
*All dates are subject to change

Mentee Commitments

  • Minimum of 35 hours working with your mentor (approx. 5 hours/month)
  • Minimum 35 hours of independent work in addition to the time spent with your mentor (approx. 5 hours/month)
  • Minimum 5 hours of time connecting to others in your field (networking)
  • Attend two “Mentee Connect Nights” (dates provided above)
  • Attend Creative Manitoba’s Creative Entrepreneurship event on March 15 (date to be confirmed)
  • Monthly progress updates in a timely manner
  • Provide feedback in final program evaluation in a timely manner
  • Opportunity to participate in Mentorship Spotlights

Mentor Commitments

  • Minimum of 35hrs working with your mentee (approx. 5 hours/month)
  • Monthly progress updates in a timely manner
  • Attendance at mentorship events outlined in program dates
  • Available to assist in guiding the mentee’s independent work
  • Available to present connecting and professional development opportunities/suggestions for the mentee
  • Provide feedback in final program evaluation in a timely manner
  • Receive honorarium of $2,500.00 & one year free Creative Manitoba membership
  • Opportunity to participate in Mentorship Spotlights

Connect with a Mentor:

  • Reach out to a potential mentor and discuss your interest in the program.
  • Provide them with the program dates, commitments, and the link to the Mentor Application Form.

Connect with a Nominator:

  • Find a nominator who can support your application.
  • Explain the program, your chosen mentor, and provide them with the link to the Nominator Form.

Create a Program Plan Proposal

Create a program plan with your chosen mentor to guide your mentorship. Your application should include the following (max 250 words):

  • Propose Your Plan: Give background on your creative work and the areas you would like to focus on.
  • Goals: What do you plan to achieve during the mentorship?
  • Projects: Is there a specific project you would like to work on with your mentor?
  • Skills: Are there particular skills you aim to improve?
  • Shadowing Interests: What aspects of your mentor’s work are you interested in shadowing?
  • Connections: Are there connections you’d like to make with your mentor or others in the industry?

Be as specific as you can and include details, such as how and when you plan to work together, that you’ve decided on with your mentor.

Review Program Details:

Membership Requirement:

  • Mentees must be members of Creative Manitoba to apply. Visit the membership information HERE.
  • If the cost is a barrier, please reach out to our program manager for assistance.
  • Once you have a membership you can access the mentee application form.

Complete Your Application:

  • Mentee Application Form: Submit your part of the application by clicking “apply now” at the bottom of this page. Questions will include demographics, option to link examples of your work, and your proposed plan that you’ve developed with your mentor.
  • You will have the option to save and continue the application at a later point
  • You will be redirected to a confirmation page and receive an email once your application has been accepted.

Confirm Submission:

  • Ensure that your mentor and nominator have completed and submitted their application forms. All forms (mentee application, mentor form and nominator form) must be submitted for your application to be considered complete.

Mentorship Application Tips

Tips, Assessment & FAQ’s

  1. Understand the Mentorship Philosophy:
    • Reflect on what mentorship means to you and emphasize this in your application.
    • Highlight your goals, what you intend to ask, experience, and why this partnership is beneficial.
  2. Articulate the Program’s Impact:
    • Explain how the mentorship will develop, enhance, and support your growth in your artistic practice.
    • Provide specific examples and insights into the expected outcomes.
  3. Detail your Program Plan:
    • Be as detailed and specific as possible about your proposed program.
    • Outline your objectives, methods, and execution plan clearly.
  4. Choose the Right Mentor:
    • Ensure your chosen mentor is a professional in their field and a good match for you.
    • Discuss your plans, schedules, and working styles with the mentor before committing.
  5. Local Mentorship Requirement:
    • Your mentor must reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to allow for in-person activities.
    • If the mentor will be out of town during the program, ensure there is a plan in place for continued mentorship during these periods.

Assessment Information

Applications will be assessed by the jury with the following questions in mind:

  1. Specificity and Thoroughness:
    • How specific and thorough is the application proposal regarding objectives, intentions, and career-related goals for the mentee?
  2. Commitment:
    • Does the application show the ability of both mentor and mentee to commit fully to the 7-month program?
    • Are they a full-time student or working full-time, and if so, how do they plan to allocate enough time for the program?
    • Is this the optimum time for the mentee to participate in the program?
    • Has the mentor made a plan for any potential absences?
  3. Mentor’s Experience:
    • Does the mentor have the required experience and standing in their artistic community to offer networking opportunities and ideas to their mentee?
    • Are these outlined in the application?

In addition to individual merit, the selection process also focuses on including a wide variety of disciplines and career areas within the full group of pairs. Gender parity, inclusivity, and welcoming first-time mentors into the program are priorities. Creative Manitoba strives to reserve 50% of program spaces for applicants who identify as BIPOC or part of an equity-seeking community.

In case of two or more applications tying in all other areas of assessment, the date of receipt of the application may be considered, so early application is encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I apply to this program if I will turn 19 or 30 during the run of the program?
    • Applicants must be 19 by December 2024. Applicants who are 29 at the time of application are eligible.
  2. If I want to apply to this program as a mentee but do not have a mentor, can I?
    • You must apply with a mentor. We must receive your mentor’s form as well as your nominator’s for your application to be complete. However, we can help find a mentor in your artistic discipline. Contact the program director before July 15th, 2024. Provide a “wish list” of potential mentors and information about your artistic practice and goals. Email for assistance.
  3. Why can’t my mentor be my nominator?
    • A third-party reference is required to vouch for your readiness and commitment. Since the mentor receives an honorarium, a secondary reference is needed.
  4. Do I need to become a Creative Manitoba member?
    • Yes, you must sign up as a Creative Manitoba Member. Reduced rates are available for students. Membership lasts for one year, providing access to workshops, coaching, programming, newsletters, and resources. If cost is a barrier, contact
  5. How and when will I find out if I have been accepted into the program?
    • All applicants will be notified within three weeks of the application deadline (August 16th).
  6. If my chosen mentor has taken part in the program in a previous year, am I eligible to apply with them?
    • Yes, you may apply with a mentor who has participated in a previous year. However, first-time mentors may be prioritized if the program is highly competitive.
  7. Can a mentor apply for the program with more than one mentee?
    • No, mentors must choose one mentee to apply with for the program year.

If you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to contact our Program Manager

Once you have logged in as a member you will be able to submit your application.

This page will reload and you can scroll down to apply.

“Creative Manitoba’s professional mentorship program helped me access training that I wouldn’t have been able to afford without the program, and provided me with an abundance of tools to help with my artistic practices. I would recommend this program to everyone, as I think mentorship is one of the best ways to learn and grow”

Parker Koepnick, Mentee

This program is such a win/win for both the Mentor and Mentee! It was an honor to be part of such a brilliant and necessary program!!

Simon Miron, Mentor

Creative Manitoba pledges to make its best efforts to prioritize opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds or from equity-seeking individuals and communities, with the goal of 50% of programs holding space for participants who identify as BIPOC or from equity-seeking groups.

Mentorship Spotlights From Previous Programs

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